SEO, Content Marketing and Addressing Consumer Behaviour

It seems nowadays everyone owns and uses a smart phone. With free wifi offered in stores, coffee shops, restaurants, etc., it seems like almost everyone has access to an internet connection. It is fair to say that having access to the internet and an object that allows you to browse in it, our behaviour regarding information has changed dramatically. In this post we wanted to talk about consumer behaviour across different platforms, and the reason why SEO is so important when trying to reach your audience.

Content Marketing: How To Write Awesome Content for Your Blog Post

It seems nowadays almost everyone has a blog. It is great that people have things to say about a topic, and are actually saying them. Similarly for companies, it is now easier for them to communicate directly with their audience through writing compelling messages in the form of blog posts or social media posts. As a company, there is a level of expertise in its particular industry, and it is important that not only its followers know this, but also search engines. With new search engine algorithms putting high emphasis on expertise and user relevance, it is important to optimize these posts so that the blog posts get rankings. These blogs gives a few tips on how to write relevant, informative and optimized posts.