Content Marketing Tips to Boost Your Strategy

Having a content marketing strategy in a marketing basket will help promote a brand, product and website. One of the main reasons behind it, is to showcase, inform and educate the consumer of new products or services, products features, company communications, etc. It is very important to write content with the consumer in mind, and at the same time showing expertise in an industry.

Check out our previous blog post titled: Content Marketing: How To Write Awesome Content for Your Blog Postwhere we gave tips on how to optimize a blog post for SEO purposes. In this post we talk about content marketing tips, that will help you boost your strategy.


Informative Content: Use Client’s and Customer’s Questions to your Advantage

Everyday, people have questions about different products and services. Being able to answer these questions is what categorize someone as en expert in a particular industry. Taking advantage of what people are asking on emails could lead to potential blog posts, and high quality content. By doing this, there is value added to the customer’s experience as they can be informed directly from a website/blog. Moreover, new updates in Google’s algorithm, are putting greater emphasis in user experience. Providing relevant, high quality, content helps improve the user’s experience, therefore, helping with search rankings. Another way to create great content for a website is to create a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. A good idea is to compile a number of questions that people in a sales, or customer services team receive frequently, and providing answers to these questions. This shows expertise, and adds value to users who come to a website for information and education.

Video Content

Some companies might have recorded videos explaining how to use a product, or a process in a service, or perhaps about a company event that happened in the past. Some of these videos might attract the eyes of the user and have them spend more time on the website. According to various studies, 40% of people will respond better to visual information than plain text, and video content attracts 3 times more inbound links than plain text posts. They tend to attract more hits and shares, which helps promoting the website or blog, and the company.

For companies that do not have any videos, it would be a good idea to start filming and sharing them. A good video follows the brand’s guidelines, the company values, and should add value to the client or consumer. Having these guidelines in mind is very important when creating a video strategy to compliment the content marketing strategy. Again, this is a strategy, so it should have goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and should have a timeline.

Community Involvement

Nowadays there are online communities for almost every industry. Being part of a community helps with credibility, and again, shows expertise. There are many forums dedicated to specific industries, and there are others that are more general, but discuss topics that might be related to a company’s expertise. Social media platforms like twitter are a great way to engage with consumers, and monitor what is being said about the company or industry it operates in. A company should be active, post and answer questions, and join a conversation.

Having this pointers in mind will help boost a company’s content marketing strategy, and become more involved with its audience.

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