SEO, Content Marketing and Addressing Consumer Behaviour

It seems nowadays everyone owns and uses a smart phone. With free wifi offered in stores, coffee shops, restaurants, etc., it seems like almost everyone has access to an internet connection. It is fair to say that having access to the internet and an object that allows you to browse in it, our behaviour regarding information has changed dramatically. In this post we wanted to talk about consumer behaviour across different platforms, and the reason why SEO is so important when trying to reach your audience.

SEO Trends for 2015

As we mention on substruct’s homepage, “showing up” is a key factor when having a website. There are constant updates on search engine’s algorithms to ensure that the content being pushed up in the rankings is relevant to the search queries. With this in mind, we thought we would mention what we found to be important factors in SEO for 2015, in an effort to continue helping websites to “show up.”

Mobile Marketing for Retail

While working on a project for a client, we found that there is a major trend that is backed by facts and data found in surveys results. We have seen retailers and e-retailers incorporate a digital marketing strategy to their operations for a long time. However, what we kept encountering was a large amount of companies taking advantage of the data available to them and adapting a mobile marketing strategy to their digital efforts. We thought we would provide you with some statistics gathered from one of these surveys.