Content Marketing Tips to Boost Your Strategy

Having a content marketing strategy in a marketing basket will help promote a brand, product and website. One of the main reasons behind it, is to showcase, inform and educate the consumer of new products or services, products features, company communications, etc. It is very important to write content with the consumer in mind, and at the same time showing expertise in an industry.

Social Media Marketing Update: Hootsuite Adds Instagram to Platform

Finally! The digital world got really exciting news this past week when Hootsuite announced that Instagram is now integrated in the platform. We are sure a large amount of community managers raised a glass in celebration of the news. Hootsuite integrates various social media platforms allowing users to share posts, interact with other posts, and schedule posts to be shared in the future. People that use Hootsuite understand what a blessing it is to have a place where different profiles, in different social media platforms can be managed from one place.

Meerkat, Periscope and Social Media Marketing

If you haven’t heard of Meerkat yet, it is an app that allows you to stream live video through your iPhone. The way the app informs its users of a live stream is by sending a push notification to their phone. Meerkat started getting a lot of buzz and success by acquiring over 300,000 users including celebrities such as Jimmy Fallon from the Tonight Show, and Madonna. Also brands such as CNN and Red Bull have taken noticed and started using the app.

SEO Trends for 2015

As we mention on substruct’s homepage, “showing up” is a key factor when having a website. There are constant updates on search engine’s algorithms to ensure that the content being pushed up in the rankings is relevant to the search queries. With this in mind, we thought we would mention what we found to be important factors in SEO for 2015, in an effort to continue helping websites to “show up.”

Hootsuite’s New Dashboard Update

Hootsuite has updated its dashboard and it looks awesome! We use the dashboard every day, and always thought it was a great product. Somehow, we got lost on how easy-to-use it is and how it simplifies our workload, so we never really thought of its appearance being a factor in the way we felt about it. However, the truth is that, after seeing the new update, it did need a face lift. Most people who use Hootsuite are very satisfied with the product and said great things about it. Their main dislike seemed to be the look of the User Interface and they made sure that Hootsuite knew about this by taking their complaints to Twitter. Here is a video published on Hootsuite’s blog: