Content Marketing: How To Write Awesome Content for Your Blog Post

It seems nowadays almost everyone has a blog. It is great that people have things to say about a topic, and are actually saying them. Similarly for companies, it is now easier for them to communicate directly with their audience through writing compelling messages in the form of blog posts or social media posts. As a company, there is a level of expertise in its particular industry, and it is important that not only its followers know this, but also search engines. With new search engine algorithms putting high emphasis on expertise and user relevance, it is important to optimize these posts so that the blog posts get rankings. These blogs gives a few tips on how to write relevant, informative and optimized posts.

How Write Blog Post Titles

It is important to have a great title for your post. A great title engages the reader immediately, it introduces exactly what the post talks about and it should be optimized for search engines.

There is a large amount of information being shared online, and the title is the first thing a reader sees when they are exposed to the post. Be creative, specific and show the value of the post to your reader. If you are writing a specific post about a certain topic make sure the title explains, in roughly 60 characters, exactly what the post is about. Another important factor is to optimize you title. Perform keyword research to see what keywords people are using to search for the topic. After carefully picking the perfect keyword, try placing it in the beginning of the title.

Search Engine Optimization

As mentioned earlier, it is important to write compelling and informative content. By doing this, it shows expertise in a certain industry or particular topic, and it shows search engines exactly that. To optimize for search engines we have to go back to SEO basics explained in our last blog post. After performing keyword research for a topic and adding a keyword to the title, choose other relevant keywords to add to the blog post itself. Place them in subtitles (H1, H2 tags) and use them in the content. Use images as they tend to attract the eyes of the reader, and optimize them with the right Alt Tags, and image name. Another tip is to use Anchor text in your post. An Anchor text is a hyperlink that links to a website. Try using your keyword in the text, and make sure that it links to the right page. For example if you click on “SEO Services in Vancouver” it will direct you to the SEO page in our website.

Social Media Friendly Blog Posts for Search Engine Optization

A good blog post could be measured by the amount of times it is shared across different social media platforms. If you can get people to share your post it will help immensely with the exposure of your company as an expert in a particular topic or industry. Not only does it multiply the exposure of the post, but it tells search engines such as Google that the content is relevant and shareable. This is why it is imperative to write content that is of value to your readers, follower base, and clients or customers. To ease the process of sharing allow sharing buttons on your post. A lot of blog platforms have this option embedded in the code of the template, but in case it doesn’t here is a post on how to add social media buttons to your blog post.

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