Content Marketing: Using your Blog to Drive Sales

In the past, it was quite difficult for a company to communicate with its customers, and most of the interaction came from persuasion through advertising. Nowadays, interaction between company and customer is simplified because of the internet and social media platforms. A blog is a great communication channel where a company has the opportunity to communicate its values, present information, talk about company updates, show its culture, answer questions, etc. In this post we will give tips on how to use your company’s blog to drive sales.

Answer Questions  to Add Value

Every sales call, or meeting requires attentive listening and answering questions. Having a blog is a great opportunity to answer customer questions. The key is to make sure you are answering the right questions. Answer questions customers are constantly asking your sales reps, and answer questions that will facilitate or influence purchase behaviour. Coming up with a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) will provide you with quite a large number of blog posts that can ultimately turn into sales. It will provide you with high quality content.

You Are the Expert

People are coming to your blog because they trust your company and they know you are industry experts. If you write content that is both informational and consultative, it will add value to the blog’s readers and potentially invite them or persuade them to take further action. Try to make the content sound like you are informing, helping your customer, and not selling products. The more the content is informative, the higher the chance they will trust your post enough to make a purchase decision. Also, with search engines like Google putting higher emphasis on user experience for rankings, if it recognize that you are an expert, it will help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Content Marketing and Persuasion

Even though the content in your blog is informing and showing your consumer what type of company values and culture you have, it should persuade them to do something. In simple words you should be selling without selling. Just like in a consultation, you are helping your reader, answering questions, and subtly selling them on something; whether it is to buy a product, visit a page on your website, or contact you. For our blog, we always end our posts encouraging our readers to contact us, by adding a hyperlink to our contact page, if they have any questions about the topic the post is about. So if you are talking about food recipes, chiropractic services, or industrial packaging, add a call-to-action link or button inviting your reader to click on it.

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