Hootsuite’s New Dashboard Update

Hootsuite has updated its dashboard and it looks awesome! We use the dashboard every day, and always thought it was a great product. Somehow, we got lost on how easy-to-use it is and how it simplifies our workload, so we never really thought of its appearance being a factor in the way we felt about it. However, the truth is that, after seeing the new update, it did need a face lift. Most people who use Hootsuite are very satisfied with the product and said great things about it. Their main dislike seemed to be the look of the User Interface and they made sure that Hootsuite knew about this by taking their complaints to Twitter. Here is a video published on Hootsuite’s blog:


Here is a look at Hootsuite’s New Dashboard Update

The new dashboard is much smoother and has better flow. It allows users to see the posts without having to hover over them to see the preview. There is more white space in the posts, which makes them easier to read and allows user to find buttons easily on the dashboard. Overall, the implementation of these minor tweaks allowed Hootsuite to have the “makeover” that people were asking for.


This is not the first time Hootsuite has reacted to people’s requests or suggestions. Being a company that eases engagement between businesses and its customers, Hootsuite is very active in listening to its users and coming up with solutions. Two examples are the addition of the “Follower Stream” and the release of “Pic.Twitter.com” for publishing images using Twitter native pic.twitter.com functionality.