SEO Trends for 2015

As we mention on substruct’s homepage, “showing up” is a key factor when having a website. There are constant updates on search engine’s algorithms to ensure that the content being pushed up in the rankings is relevant to the search queries. With this in mind, we thought we would mention what we found to be important factors in SEO for 2015, in an effort to continue helping websites to “show up.”


On-page SEO Efforts

Many “Top 5 trends for SEO” articles give extremely useful information on what to keep an eye out for in 2015, but we noticed they forgot to mention how important on-page SEO still is. Regardless of all SEO Trends for 2015, having a website with relevant keywords on its content is still an important factors search engines like Google consider when crawling your site. It will still inform Google of what your webpage is about as it then later accounts for other factors. It is important to constantly perform keyword research to stay on top of consumer search behaviour and adapt accordingly.


Content Minded

Yes, content is King! Having a content strategy will definitely boost your SEO efforts as Google add relevancy to your posts and pages. Having articles or blog posts published in your website is a great way to demonstrate expertise on a certain topic, which is what search engines look for when ranking. However, text is good for using keywords, but images and videos will always be more engaging to consumers. And yes, the content you create should always be aimed at the consumer as opposed to a search engine.


Mobile Optimization

Another important element is to have a website that is optimized for mobile platforms. Mobile is a big factor in today’s search behaviour. If a search engine can’t read the content on your website from a mobile device, it won’t rank it. More and more people are using their mobile devices to search for information on the go. On our last post we wrote about mobile marketing for retail and provided some stats on mobile search behaviour.


Think Social

New updates in search engines algorithms are giving Social Media importance in rankings. These updates are integrating the shareabilty and relevance of the content, and we expect it to contribute to increasing a website’s SERP’s. If people are sharing content over and over again, even some time after the content is created, there is a good chance that these posts are driving traffic to your website. There are many variables of how Social Media can contribute to your SEO efforts which you can find in this article called 7 Legitimate Ways That Social Media Impacts SEO.


Finally, we all know how fast paced this industry is, and keeping up with changes might be overwhelming. However, adjusting your SEO efforts and incorporating a few elements to your strategy might help you see an increase in impact on how your website ranks. The one thing to note is that whatever effort we put into optimizing a website, the effort has to be focused on the reader/consumer more so that on the search engine.